St. Christopher by the Sea

established in 1923

The chapel was formally established in 1923 and has served the community continuously since then. While not a church of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, St. Christopher has always adhered to the doctrine and worship of the Episcopal Church. However, from the outset the vision for the chapel was that it be a community church and a house of prayer for all people. Today the people who gather to worship at St. Christopher are members of the various Christian denominations, but all are committed to serving all the people of Gibson Island and they intend that the chapel be a valuable Island resource open to all who would seek spiritual growth and strength.


A Board of Trustees is responsible for the secular aspects of the church. Finances, including budgeting and the management of the endowments, fundraising, capital projects, and the upkeep of all buildings are under the auspices of the Board of Trustees. The Rector is responsible for the spiritual aspects of the chapel to include all worship and Christian education.


In response to the gospel imperative to love our neighbors and to care for the poor and disadvantaged, St. Christopher has an active wide-ranging program to serve others. The chapel supports charitable projects locally and in other areas of Maryland as well as responding to needs abroad. Outreach programs are overseen by the Board of Trustees.